Saturday, February 2, 2019

Leona X: The Woman in Me

Life is full of injustices. I have a long list of my own, but I won't bore you with it. One of them is, many people still don't know Leona X. What a shame! They're missing out on some great music. Though it's taken me a while to get around to it, I am just now listening to her most recent album The Woman in Me.

Leona X

One thing I love about her is, she has a close friendship with her Gibson. In the few songs I've heard of her, they make a great partnership. I dare say, if they keep this strong friendship up, their business will be more successful than any other in this world.

You can hear for yourself that wonderful playing relationship from start to finish in The Woman in Me. Almost every song has a line that stands out, too, such as "I'm not like the others when we kiss under covers" in the title track or "Rip my heart open...leave my soul broken, and take my last breath," in "New Orleans".

Or how about that AC/DC-esque guitar break in "Double Down"? Surely she used some of her own high voltage, up to 11, just to have those strings scream like that.

Something that's different on this CD that isn't featured in her previous CD, Ready for This?, is a slow guitar intro, as heard in "New Orleans." I like how the lyrics are a little deeper.

This CD has a great song to end it, "Bad Boy". By this time, if her guitar riffs didn't grab you, how about the needle on the record and Indian tribal vocals at the beginning of "Bad Boy"? That will at least have you bobbing your head, wondering what other musical surprises Leona has. Her treat to me was her voice getting a little lower and deeper and, some more great, powerful, attitude-saturated lyrics: "You wanna think you're the original flavor? You wanna think you're the American dream?" Hopefully, this review of mine will restore some of the musical glory that is due Leona.

In a nutshell, this one CD is a rare gem of powerful rock music from start to finish, with a raw and righteous in-your-face rock & roll attitude, effortless but genuine talent, and crystal-clear catchy lyrics.

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